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I remember driving out to visit Romulo Andrade. He lived far out an unpaved road, miles from the ultra-modern capital city of Brasilia. His home was deep in the lush Cerrado - a high plateau region of the sprawling nation of Brazil with lush but twisted, medium-sized trees, not dissimilar to our own pinyon-juniper forests. It reminded me a kind of rustic homestead many back-to-the-landers I know call home - a small, simple structure amid surrounding woods with children and the sounds of music everywhere. But Romulo is also an artist, and everything in his house spoke to that.

There were paintings, prints, sculptures, gracefully potted plants, oddly interesting bits of metal and wood. And the connection was more intense as we talked, for Romulo was not only anartist but a deeply committed environmentalist.

Learning of my interest in poetry, he pulled out several books of poetry by writers who spoke in portuguese of their love for the land. Some of the books had even been illustrated with his work. The reason I'd gone to visit him is that a silk printing of his had caught my eye in the home of one of my brazilian hosts. His edges were crisp, professional, the colors deep and rich, and the subject was the dazzling Cerrado itself, with its profusion of orchids, unique palms, serrated rock horizons and bubbling underground springs. One trademark in many of his pieces is a palm tree called buriti, specific to the rivers side and wetland places, also loved and poetically described by Guimaraes Rosa, a great brazilian writer. Another series of postcards he gave me were prints of the many kinds of orchids that blossom amid the rock and springs that mark the area.

Art Goodtimes, poet and writer.

Published on Telluride Newspaper, USA, 1993.

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Ao longo de quarenta anos, Rômulo desenvolve em sua obra uma precoce abordagem poética dos Cerrados, a natureza única do Brasil central. Nascido em Niterói em 1954, viveu a infância e juventude entre


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