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          Romulo Andrade was born in March 1954 in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro. He grew up in the bosom of a very musical and creative family. In his youth he began spending more time in São Paulo with his father, 1965/68 where could get some Beatles albums, enjoy Brazilian music festivals and visit art galleries and museums.  

          In 1975, with friends he moved to Brasília, the modern Brazilian capital designed by Lucio Costa and Oscar Niemeyer. There he met an interesting youth cultural movement at Centro de Criatividade/ teatro Galpão, Concerto Cabeças organizing music, poetry, theater performances and attended the University of Brasilia where he earned an undergraduate degree in Visual Arts.

         Since 1978, Andrade has garnered an extensive curriculum with both individual and collective exhibitions. From 1976 to 2001, he took a poetical approach to the backlands of Brazil, focusing on the mysterious nature of the Cerrados, the great savanna region with many springs, rivers and aquifers. He created the expression Cerrado: Cradle of the Waters in 1994 with a poem poster and an environment campaign he created and helped to produce to the Rio 92 Forum Global that became (as a current message into the Brazilian imaginary).


A floresta-dentro na CAL 018.jpg
O Tao das Águas .jpg

         In 2000 he embarked as an artist on a great journey called the Humboldt Expedition, from São Gabriel da Cachoeira, near the Colombian border till Belém do Pará. With a group of scientists that included bothanists, historians, antropologists, biologists and photographers he traversed the Negro and Amazonas river forests, in a boat that travelled nearly 10.000 km of Amazon rivers. 

          His work includes paintings, drawings, engravings, visual poetry and assemblages. He loves native trees and likes to use materials impregnated by time such as noble woods, metal leafs and river stones in order to evoke ancient memories, connecting with and celebrating sacred places in Nature. He also prepares his inks with earth and mineral pigments tempera and likes to use handmade paper, canvases out of cotton used on large trucks.

          There is a transcendental touch to his inventions. He searches ancient myths and archaeological sites that are scattered across the South American continent in his existential quest for an ancestry revival. The images he creates on canvas dialogue with dreams, visions and deep memory. The result is a kind of magical dimension that mimics the Amerindian indigenous people and their shamans and healers ~ those he poetically calls savages of the future.

Solo Exhibitions  -Individual Exhibitions 

2012 – Memory of the Waters – National Water Agency headquarters, Brasília

2007- The forest-inside – House of Culture of Latin America, Brasilia.           


2006 - Yupanqui's America - Amerindian paintings - Thomas Jefferson House, Brasília. 

2004 - The poetics of the Cerrado - Jardim Botânico, Brasília.

2003 - Paintings and objects - Memorial of the Ages of Brazil, Brasília.

2001 - The poetics of the Cerrado - Quality in Education Congress -

          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Convention Center, Brasilia.

1999 – Christians embracing Moors, Casa do IPHAN, Pirenópolis, GO

1998 - Our Ethnicity - Espaço Daniel Briand, Brasilia

1998 - To Illuminate the City - Reference Art Gallery, Brasilia

1996 - Jaguanum, drawings and objects - Espaço Daniel Briand, Brasília

1993 - Drawings and engravings - Ah haa! School of Arts, Telluride, Colorado, USA

1991 - Magical connections, drawings and paintings - ECT Gallery, Brasília

1987 - Engravings - Annex II of the Federal Senate, Brasilia

1983 - Drawings and graphic works - UnB Library

1980 - Nocturnes, drawings - Parnaso Gallery, Brasília

1977 - The Sun of the New World, drawings - French Alliance, Brasília 

Main Collective Exhibitions -Main Collective Exhibitions

2016 – The Role of the Museum, National Museum of the Republic, Brasilia


2015 – Portal do Cerrado, Brasilia International Airport

2013 – Meeting of the waters – Museum of the Republic and Botanical Garden - Brasília

2010 – A Teia – Meeting of Culture Points – Fortaleza  (CE)

         - Semicírculo – Mostra de Artistas – National Museum – Brasilia

         - Prazer de Pintura – Coletiva on the birthday Brasília + 50 – Gal. Fayga Ostrower

2009 – IV Festival of Popular Culture – Funarte - Brasília

2008 - Neither popular nor erudite - Museu Nacional do Conj. of the Republic

         - Caixa-obra, Cultural Space 508 Sul, curated by Bené Fonteles

  • Tombo - with Glênio Lima and 16 artists - ECCO Espaço Contemporâneo

  • Utopia of Modernity – Museu Nacional do Conj. of the Republic

2007 - I Bienal de Brasília - Art exhibition mounted at UPIS

         - MAB Móbile - Museu National Cultural Ensemble of the Republic  

2006 - Open Museum of the Caminhos do Sertão - Foyer of the National Theater

2005 - Brasilia out of frame - MAB, Brasília Art Museum

2003 - The Best of 30 - Visual Memory of Brasília, Conjunto Nacional, Brasília

         - Totens – Intervenções - Foyer of the National Theater, Brasilia

2002 – The Multiple Creative Gesture - Centro Cultural Brasil - Spain, Brasília

2001 - DF Sculptors - Athos Bulcão Gallery, Brasilia

1996 - Das Águas - Artists for Nature Movement, Espaço 508 Sul, Brasília

1995 - People who love Brasília – Estufa Fria - Lisbon and Guimarães, Portugal

1994 - Artists paint at Botânico - Jardim Botânico, Brasília.

         - O Tao do Cerrado - with Bené Fonteles and Luiz Gallina, Espaço Cultural 508

         - Natu-Rezas – com Bené, Luiz Gallina and Rui Faquini, MINC gallery, Brasília.

         - II Congrés per l' study of the modified states of consciousness, Lleida, Catalunya

1993 - Paper Again Paper I - Candanga Memory Museum, Brasilia

         - Papel Novamente Papel II - Rubem Valentim Gallery, Brasilia

1992 - Omame Project - National Theater, Bsb and Global Forum, flamengo beach, Rio de Janeiro (RJ)

         - Viva Ianomâmis Vivos - Caixa Cultural Ensemble, Brasilia

         - Natureza Viva - Conjunto Cultural da Caixa, Brasilia

1991 - 25 Artists - Athos Bulcão Gallery, Brasília

         - I Encontro Holístico - Belo Horizon (MG)

         - Arte, o Eterno Reciclar - Historical Institute, Brasilia

         - O Olhar da Nova Era - Hotel Gloria, Rio de Janeiro (RJ)

1990 - Indigenous Traps, INAP-FUNARTE, RJ

1988 - Art in the Cerrado - Artists from the Midwest - Casa Cultura, Cuiabá

1987 - Levante Centro Oeste - Teatro Nacional, FCDF - Brasília

         - Gravura Brasiliense - Galeria Itaú , Brasilia

         - Artistas pela Natureza - Teatro National, Brasilia

1986 - JK Project, Open Track - MAB, Brasília Art Museum

         - Coletiva de Gravadores - Brasília , Mexico City and Guadalajara

1985 - Where's the green that was here? - FCDF, Brasilia

1983 - Summary 83 - Young Artists of Brasília, Itaú Gallery, Brasília

         - Desenhos - com Luis Gallina, Homero Massena Art Center, Vitória (ES)

1981 - Brazilian Artists - Casa do Brasil, Madrid 

         - 3° Mostra do Desenho Brazilian - Curitiba (PR)

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