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It is a space for creation and interaction without borders; art invents and reinvents itself in infinite possibilities. Atelier Rômulo Andrade presents collections of timeless works by the visual artist Rômulo Andrade, one of the pioneers of the artistic movement in Brasília, and offers an authentic source of art, culture and transcendence through works of art that express languages inherent to being and nature. essence of Brazilian roots. It is a community for those who consecrate the riches of nature, life, philosophy and art that are present in the world and in us.


The Amerindian Paintings collection expresses a search for the Brazilian soul. From the study of patterns present in basketry, weaving, ceramics and expressions of the language of indigenous peoples, the works express the connection with the flows of nature, such as water, earth, wind, time and vital energy.

Ameridian paintings

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